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Wired For Plastic, Inc’s goal is to provide everyone from small merchants to national franchises with a powerful and flexible payments processing platform. READ ON

Why choose Wired For Plastic, Inc?
We created 'Church Cloud'
“Church Cloud” or “Calvary Cloud” is a giving outlet for churches. It uses a custom software called “Lavu Tithe” that allows congregation members to log into their account with a telephone number or create an account on an iPad kiosk in their church lobby and give with a credit or debt card. Members can also sign up for auto-give and set their weekly amount. The Christians at Lavu, Inc decided to donate an $895 software license to each church in the world that wants one. Wired For Plastic, Inc picked up the remainder and also decided to donate an iPad 4, an iPad Enclosure, a free standing kiosk, an iDynamo 5 credit card reader and a monthly hosting fee to each church. Combined, we have a free package called “Church Cloud” for donation to all churches which will greatly increase church donations to help assist Christian Ministries worldwide. Studies on similar models that cost $5,000 or more show almost a 30% increase in giving.
First Out Of The Gate with LAVU POS
We are the first POS LAVU Certified Specialist in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. you can look us up on their website We also run a satellite office in New York, NY. What this means is that we paid a hefty licensing fee and attended an intense product training in New Mexico with the developers of LAVU. LAVU then makes sure we’re up to par on our technical support and meet all of their standards before finally welcoming us as a distinguished partner.
Who Is Wired For Plastic, Inc?
We always attempt to be clear, concise, courteous, correct and complete in hopes that our partners and merchants will have the best overall experience possible. Wired For Plastic, Inc approaches every scenario with an open mind, always striving to treat others as we would expect to be treated.
Wired For Plastic, Inc is a company built on God’s grace. We are of valor, holding truth, honor and faith above all else. With this, all has worked together for good. Our motives are aligned around a Biblical discernment focused on God getting all glory.
Wired For Plasic, Inc is exceptionally honored to be one of two Certified POS LAVU iPad could-based distributors in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine, with a satellite office in New York, NY. Lavu is implemented by Chef Gordon Ramsay on the “Kitchen Nightmares” television series. Wired For Plastic, Inc could have chose any other POS system to sell in the industry, but decided on nothing but the best. LAVU POS.